redTOAST Studios presents Incendence


Incendence is a tactical squad combat game, focusing on precise control and management of a group of 8 units with varying skills and specialities. Combat is fast and fluid, rewarding smart positioning, combining maneuvers, and clever arrangements of classes and skills.

The game is still in development, but is playable and fun! Check it out below!

Incendence uses a fully custom engine to allow for large numbers of units to be fighting simultaneously. It is fully multiplayer, and has been tested with up to 8 player squads and hundreds of enemies.

Game Mechanics

Player squads consist of a Commander, a unit with special skills and actions that effect the entire squad. Most commanders stay in the back and direct the group, but with some skill selections, the commander becomes an inspirational frontline fighter.

While the Commander improves through training Skills, the other units each belong to a Class, which level up independently. Initially there are 4 class archetypes: The Shieldman, Swordsman, Scout, and Archer, and a single Squad only may begin with 2 of these. Over time new classes become available, with unique abilities and mechanics.

The terrain is able to be modified on the fly by special Commander skills, and by some stronger enemies. Terrain Skills are dependent on the ground around the caster, so watching the terrain is important to know where tactical advantage can be gained. However, excessive terrain modifications incite the world into fighting back, causing universally hostile elementals to attack everything in the area.

And many more to be discovered while playing!

Installer and Demo Instructions

The installer is only available by request at the moment. Send mail to Ventare (and fix the address of course) to ask for a key.

This installer is strictly for testing. The game itself requires the server to be accessible and running to play. We make no promises about it working at all times, until any official alpha or beta has been announced.

To play the tutorial level:

Run the installer link provided. Your browser will double check that you want to run it, since it is an installer executable, which can be dangerous. Say yes and run the World.exe. The game should automatically run after some installation time. The full size is about 55 MB. Once installed the game can be found in your Start Menu (under redToast Studios / Skirmish Game), and removed through the Control Panel (as Skirmish Game).

When it is running and at a menu, click 'Join cloudTOAST'. This connects you to the main servers that host the game. It will then download common assets from the server, this should take less than a minute. When complete the Login button will light up and be available. You may enter any username you wish. For the time being there are no passwords. Play nice :) Accounts will be wiped periodically on accident.

After logging in, you can pick which squad to play. Select 'New Commander' if the option shows itself. On the right there will then be a list of buttons labeled 'Launch X'. These launch a scenario to play on. First, click 'Launch Tutorial'. It will launch on the server and automatically join.

Note the game loads a lot of content dynamically. The initial appearance in game may be odd, but should resolve itself soon. It's a Work In Progress :)

After you play through the Tutorial, I recommend playing Outpost, and if you have multiple people, try out Glacier or Conqueror. The rest are not so playable and are more for testing.

Please provide feedback if you play! I greatly appreciate opinions, comments, and suggestions. Contact information below :)

About redTOAST Studios

redTOAST is a small group of independent game developers. More information here later.

Contact us if you must. :)

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